• TitanEX OEM Valves OEM 저압자동밸브 TitanEX
    • Long life polymer sealing surfaces
    • Pressure rating up to 125 psi (8.5bar)
    • Unique Tubing Connection System
    • Random access and multiposition capability
    • Compact space efficient size
    • Maker : IDEX /USA
  • TitanEZ™ (Long-Life Ceramic) OEM Valve OEM 저압자동밸브 TitanEZ
    • Unique long-life ceramic-on ceramic sealing surfaces
    • Reliable, low cost alternative to solenoid valves
    • Stand-alone or manifold mountable valve options
    • Advanced long-life actuator
    • No maintenance
    • Low dead volume
    • Maker : IDEX /USA