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장비장착형 OEM Multi Syringe Pump
OEM 멀티채널 시린지펌프 MC6000 (장비장착형)
  • 4, 6, 8 Multi-channel syringe pump
  • 50ul~5ml Syringe Volume
  • OEM 장비 제작 또는 다채널의 액체이송 응용
  • Resolution 3,000~6,000 steps
  • Hi-Resolution Mode  24,000~48,000 steps
  • Long-life rotary shear valves
경기본사 : 031-790-1907 (내선3)
대전지사 : 042-824-5167

The TriContinent MC6000 is a multi-channel syringe pump designed for multiple probe liquid handling applications. This pump introduces an industry exclusive feature of rotary shear valves for optimum liquid handling performance. Our long-life valves were specifically designed and manufactured by TriContinent for multi-channel syringe pump applications to completely eliminate inherent performance limitations (clogging, pumping and leaking) associated with solenoid valves.
Coupled with the ability to use long-life UHMWPE seals, the MC6000 Multi-channel Syringe Pump surpasses all other products of this type in performance, life, reliability and maintenance requirements.
Competitive Advantages
Long-life rotary shear valves (no solenoid valve limitations)
Integrated bypass capability
Full quadrature encoder for absolute syringe positioning
Available in 4, 6 or 8 channel syringe configurations
Full stroke resolutions from 3000 to Max 48000 steps