TitanHP™ High Pressure OEM Vavle

TitanHP™ High pressure OEM Vavle

OEM 고압자동밸브 TitanHP™

  • Our high pressure rotary shear valves are designed to repeatedly deliver specific fluids to different locations in a fluidic circuit.
  • These high pressure valves are designed to deliver a pressure rating of up to 6000 psi (410 bar).
  • Maker : RHEODYNE /USA

Auto Air Valve 415 Series

Auto Air Valve 415 series

OEM 고압 에어오퍼레이팅 밸브

  • Without an electric motor, safe switching is performed thru air operations.
  • Useful for hazardous environments requiring anti-explosive operation.
  • Selection and Switching valve
  • Maker : FLOM / JAPAN