Microbiology Pump

Microbiology Pump

미생물학 펌프

  • Compact design frees valuable benchtop space and provides flexibility for an efficienct workflow.
  • Minimal height of the pump allows convenient use in a hood that can limit upward range of motion during routine analysis.
  • Pump’s disposable fluid path is simple to load and completely disposable to eliminate potential biofilm build-up.
  • Uni-directional peristaltic flow design pulls sample through the filter and fluid path eliminating the need for a vacuum source, and reducing potential for back-up and contamination of analysis.
  • Fixed filtration parameters meet the Membrane Filter (MF) Technique filtration parameters described in U.S. EPA, ISO, and ASTM standards.
  • Shape of unit and materials of construction are easy to wipe down with standard laboratory disinfectants.
  • Soft-touch keypad has simple on/off function and pulse features to control filtration.

Filter Funnels With Polycarbonate Membrane

Filter Funnels With Polycarbonate Membrane

폴리카보네이트 멤브레인 필터 펀넬

  • Flat, smooth surface allows for easy elution of organisms or particulate.
  • Collection of organisms or particulate on one planar surface is ideal prior to electron microscopy (SEM) or light microscope (LM)
  • Ready-to-use, disposable design eliminates sample crosscontamination.

ST Disposable Filter Funnels

ST Disposable Filter Funnels

ST 일회용 필터 펀넬

  • MicroFunnel ST filter funnels offer an alternative to costly closed-system sterility testing when using an isolator or containment suite.
  • 0.45 μm GN-6 Metricel® membrane or low binding Supor® membrane provides a choice for sterility testing applications in the pharmaceutical
  • Supor membrane is ideal for testing antibiotic solutions.
  • Double bagged packaging ensures easy transfer through airlock.
  • Simple squeeze separation design makes membrane retrieval easy.
  • Meets requirements of U.S., Japan, and European Pharmacopeias for sterility testing.

Plus Filter Funnels

Plus Filter Funnels

플러스 필터 펀넬

  • Product performs as sample container and filter funnel all in one. No need to transfer sample from cup to disposable funnel and risk introducing contamination.
  • MicroFunnel Plus AP unit allows aseptic collection of the sample through the lid sample port. No need to remove lid.
  • MicroFunnel Plus products with Supor® membrane are designed to allow sampling of hot water up to 90 ºC.
  • Vented lid snaps to a liquid-tight seal and allows filtration without having to open the funnel and risk introducing contamination.
  • Vent filter ensures no airborne contamination is drawn into the funnel during filtration.
  • Attaches directly to a standard laboratory manifold or use with adapter and stopper.
  • Volume graduations are clearly marked for ease in measuring your sample volume.
  • Individually bagged and labeled for contamination control and lot traceability.

MicroFunnel™ Filter Funnels

MicroFunnel™ Filter Funnels

마이크로 펀넬 필터

  • Certified. Each lot is certified for microbiological analysis to provide added assurance of reliable results.
  • Easy to use. Unique squeeze separation of cylinder from base allows easy access to membrane.
  • Individually bagged, disposable filter units prevent cross-contamination of samples.
  • Available in 300 mL capacity to process larger samples.
  • Allows easy and accurate sample measurement. The 100 mL funnels are marked in 10 mL increments.
    The 100 mL increment is marked completely around the funnel for higher visibility. The 300 mL funnel is
    marked in 50 mL increments.
  • Saves time. Disposable design eliminates the cleaning and sterilization required with reusable funnels.
  • Easily remove the membrane for culturing on agar or broth medium.

Ampoule Media For Microbiological Analysis

Ampoule Media for Microbiological Analysis

미생물 분석 앰플

  • Meets Membrane Filter (MF) Technique Standard Method requirements with 2 mL ampoules.*
  • Maximizes efficiency with premixed and presterilized media.
  • Choose between plastic or glass ampoules for your applications.
  • Simplify pouring of the media with wide-mouth glass ampoules.
  • All plastic ampoule media is economically packaged with 50 ampoules per box.

Sentino™ Filter Dispenser

Sentino™ Filter Dispenser

필터 디스펜서

  • 간단한 Refill Pack의 loaing and unloaing
  • Touch Keypad를 사용해 멸균 Membrane 포장 제거
  • Compact한 사이즈로 실험공간 확보 가능
  • 배터리를 충전하여 사용 가능
  • Maker : PALL / U.S.A

GN-6 Metricel® MCE Membrane Disc Filters

GN-6 Metricel® MCE Membrane Disc Filters

MCE 멤브레인 디스크 필터

  • Mixed cellulose esters is the most accepted filter media for microbiological analysis, and provides
    maximum recovery of organisms.
  • Unique dot grid pattern provides guidance for quantification of bacterial colonies without growth
    inhibition or enhancement.
  • Suitable for microbiological analysis using the Membrane Filter (MF) Technique.
  • Variety of packaging options meets any need. Available in gammairradiated, individually packaged
    S-packs, autoclave packs, or non-sterile packs.
  • Use with Pall microbiological ampoule media for high growth levels and easy identification of contaminants.

Supor® 200 PES Membrane Disc Filter

Supor® 200 PES Membrane Disc Filter

PES 멤브레인 디스크 필터

  • Ensures accurate analysis. Exclusive dot grid pattern neither inhibits nor enhances microbial growth.
  • Certified for use in the MF Technique as described in Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and
    Wastewater, current edition.
  • Reduces filtration time. Superior flow rates and high throughputs provide fast, easy filtration.

Metreicel® Black PES Membrane Disc Filters

Metreicel® Black PES Membrane Disc Filters

PES 멤브레인 디스크필터

  • Dark background provides excellent contrast for counting opaque colonies in microbiology labs.
  • Exclusive dot grid pattern does not enhance or inhibit colony growth.
  • Certified for use in the Membrane Filter (MF) Technique as described in Standard Methods for the Examination
    of Water and Wastewater, current edition.
  • Sharp contrast between black membrane and white grid line provides guidance while viewing and counting.
  • Available non-sterile or in individual gamma-irradiated packs (S-packs) for critical applications.

Absorbent Pad Kits

Absorbent Pad Kits

흡수/흡착 패드

  • Enables user to dispense a clean cellulose pad into a Petri dish whenever needed without touching the pad.
  • Handy dispenser kit holds 1 tube of 100 absorbent pads (10 tubes included). Each tube drops quickly into the hand dispenser for easy use.
  • Available non-sterile or gammairradiated. No EtO residuals to impede microbial growth.

Petri Dishes

Petri Dishes

패트리 디쉬

  • Opens easily with one hand, yet closes to a tight seal.
  • Uses less space on the lab bench or in the incubator with easy stacking base.
  • Gamma-irradiated. No EtO residuals to impede microbial growth.
  • Available with or without absorbent pads.
  • Bulk packaging offers additional value.

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