Centramate™ and Centramate PE Lab Tangential Flow Filtration Systems

탄젠셜 플로우 필터레이션

  • Filtration area is easily expanded
    by adding additional membrane
  • Identical fluid path lengths provide
    precise linear scale-up to larger
    process systems available from
    Pall Corporation.
  • Cassettes can be easily removed
    without disassembling system
  • Systems are available with Type
    316L stainless steel (Centramate
    system) or economically priced,
    extremely durable, ultra-high
    molecular weight polyethylene
    (Centramate PE system).
  • Variety of membrane types provide
    versatility to the systems.

LV Centramate™ Lab Tangential Flow Filtration System

LV Centramate™ Lab Tangential Flow Filtration System

탄젠셜 플로우 필터레이션

  • Scale-up/scale-down device for
    development of tangential flow filtration
    (TFF) processes, biopharmaceutical
    small batch production, scale-down
    investigations, and production of
    materials for safety and efficacy
    studies (Phase I clinicals).
  • Identical path lengths provide linear
    scale-up to Pall Centramate and
    Centrasette™ cassette holders.
    The LV Centramate holder may be
    attached to other laboratory TFF
    systems to improve their scalability
  • Low hold-up volume allows high
    concentration factors to be achieved
    from small starting volumes. A
    complete TFF system scalable to full
    production plant can be optimized
    using the volumes typically generated
    in the development or discovery lab.
  • Easy connections through luer lock
    fitted ports with polished 316L
    stainless steel to ensure the same
    compatibility characteristics as
    production-scale Centrasette holders.
  • All product-wetted parts comply with
    pharmaceutical standards.

T-Series TFF Cassettes With Omega™ Membrane

T-Series TFF Cassettes With Omega™ Membrane


  • Easy implementation into
    your process.
  • Increased safety, reliability, and
    reproducibility featuring durable
    and stable materials with very low
    extractables and broad chemical
  • Omega PES membrane offers
    high flux, high selectivity, and
    low protein binding.
  • Improved process performance
    featuring optimal mass transfer
    for improved process economics.
  • Easy scale-up for robust
    purification processes.
  • Meets biopharmaceutical and
    regulatory standards (such as
    biological reactivity, extractables,
    and TOC) that are backed by
    extensive validation documentation.

Ultralab™ Systems And Ultrareservoir™ Containers

Ultralab™ Systems and Ultrareservoir™ Containers

컨테이너 시스템

  • Self-contained siphoning units allow
    continuous buffer exchange.
  • Uses less liquid with less handling
    and mess than conventional dialysis
  • Constructed of clear acrylic with
    easy-to-read volume graduations.
    Connections located in base plate
    for easy access and minimal sample
  • Feed pressure gauge monitors
    sample processing.
    Three-way sampling valve allows
    maximum sample recovery without
  • Peristaltic pump action minimizes
    shear of sensitive molecules,
    eliminates air in the system, and
    reduces foaming.
  • A variable speed controller allows
    precise adjustment of crossflow
    during sample processing.

Ultrasette™ Lab Tangential Flow Filtration Devices

Ultrasette™ Lab Tangential Flow Filtration Devices

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  • Fast sample processing with large
    membrane area.
  • Choice of two flow channel separators
    for maximum control of
    filtration performance.
  • Ideal for processing biohazardous
    samples. Self-contained devices
    minimize opportunities for
    contamination or membrane
  • Reusable or disposable. Can be
    cleaned for reuse.

Minimate™ Tangential Flow Filtration Systems

Minimate™ Tangential Flow Filtration Systems

탄젠셜 플로우 필터레이션

  • Plug-n-play design. Plug in a
    Minimate TFF capsule, add sample,
    and turn on the pump to start
    processing. The Minimate TFF
    system includes all the hardware,
    tubing, and fittings needed to get
    your TFF process up and running
  • High concentration factors. The low
    system working volume achieved
    through the use of a conical bottom
    reservoir and compact design
    enables high concentration factors
    from up to 1 L or more of sample to
    be achieved. Concentrate your
    sample down to as little as 5 mL.
  • All wetted components are made
    from low protein binding, chemically
    resistant, biologically safe materials.

Minimate™ Tangential Flow Filtration Capsules

Minimate™ Tangential Flow Filtration Capsules

탄젠셜 플로우 필터레이션

  • Efficient processing. Concentration
    and diafiltration (desalting or buffer
    exchange) processes can be
    performed on the same system
    with minimal user intervention.
  • Achieves high concentration factors
    in a single step due to the low holdup
    volume of the device. Process
    sample volumes up to 1 L or more
    and efficiently concentrate samples
    to as little as 5 mL.
  • Minimate TFF capsule includes
    all fittings and tubing to simplify
    installation into filtration setups. This
    versatile, self-contained device works
    with a variety of positive pressure
    laboratory pumps.