HEPA Capsule

HEPA Capsule


  • Porous membrane delivers high air
    flow rates at low differential pressure
    and extends filter life.
  • Ensures particulate-free air with 99.97%
    retention of 0.3 μm DOP aerosol.

Vacushield™ Vent Device

Vacushield™ Vent Device

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  • Incorporates a hydrophobic
    PTFE membrane.
  • Allows air and gases to pass
    through freely while blocking
    aqueous solutions and aerosol
  • Offers highly effective retention of
    bacteria with minimal restriction of
    pump performance.

Acro® 50 Vent Devices With Emflon® II Membrane

Acro® 50 Vent Devices With Emflon® II Membrane

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  • Emflon II membrane filters have a
    removal rating of 0.2 μm in liquid
    service and less than 0.02 μm
    particulate for air/gas applications
  • Connects easily to hoses of various
    sizes in-line or as a final filter.
  • Light weight (< 27 grams) prevents
    crimping of tubing.
  • Stable with gamma irradiation.
  • Excellent for disposable systems.
    Eliminates cleaning validation.

Bacterial Air Vents

Bacterial Air Vents

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  • Hydrophobic filter prevents the
    passage of aerosols, protecting
    equipment and staff.
  • Versatile. Can be used for in-line
    barrier on culture vessels or for
    bioisolation of vacuum sources.
  • High pressure rating ensures
    product integrity during pressure

Acro® 37 TF Vent Device With PTFE Membrane

Acro® 37 TF Vent Device With PTFE Membrane

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  • Ideal for use with small bioreactors
    and fermenters.
  • PTFE membrane and polypropylene
    housing have broad chemical
  • Disposable. Eliminates the cost and
    labor associated with disc-loaded
    stainless steel filter holders.
  • Autoclavable.
  • Economical. Available in bulk