And Envirochek HV Sampling Capsules

and Envirochek HV Sampling Capsules

  • Simple to use. No assembly or cleaning of filter holders or elution equipment.
  • Saves time by allowing the processing of multiple samples at the same time.
  • Disposable design eliminates crosscontamination and false positives.
  • Typically greater than 70% recovery of target organisms.
  • Eliminates false negatives with 1 μm pore size membrane for retention of Cryptosporidium and Giardia.
    Envirochek HV capsules are 100% integrity tested.
  • Safer to use. Self-contained capsules mean that the potentially contaminated filter element does not
    need to be handled or cut apart.
  • Capsules are serialized for traceability.

GWV High Capacity Groundwater Sampling Capsules

GWV High Capacity Groundwater Sampling Capsules

  • 75 Metals Analysis Certification is printed on each package.
  • Meets filtration requirements of the U.S. EPA.
  • Available in a variety of pore sizes to meet regional regulatory requirements.
  • Saves time and money. Selfcontained devices reduce the need for costly decontamination and multiple filter change steps associated with reusable filter holders.
  • Ensures rapid filtration. GWV provides five times the filtration area of conventional 142 mm filters.

Groundwater Sampling Capsules And Devices

Groundwater Sampling Capsules and Devices

  • Easiest and most efficient way to meet filtration requirements of the U.S. EPA for 0.45 μm filtration.
  • Self-contained, disposable units eliminate the time and hazards associated with cleaning filter holders.
  • AquaPrep 600 capsule features over four times higher EFA than 142 mm disc filters, reducing the need for
    multiple filter changes during the sampling process and ensuring rapid sample filtration.
  • AquaPrep 600 capsules have Metals Analysis Certification on 48 metals printed on each package.